The BMW i8

BMW i8

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In a world without big loud gasoline engines stands the BMW i8. The vehicle has been available for a few years now and it costs around $150,000. Question: what kind of gift do you get for someone who owns this automobile?

If you don’t know the features and benefits, here goes:

BMW i8 features and Benefits

  • Quiet as a mouse.
  • Hybrid electric powertrain
  • 0 to 60 in about four seconds
  • Can travel up to 20 miles on electric power alone
  •  Has an all-wheel-drive

More Details about the BMW i8

Here are some more details you might not be aware of.

Some of the coolest features of the BMW i8 are the brake lights and the turn signal lights.

The entire hatch of the BMW i8 opens up to a tiny little area in the far back.

bmw i8 trunk

One of the most interesting features inside the BMW i8 is if you move the transmission lever over to sport mode and then you decide now you want an eco mode and you press eco the transmission lever pops back into drive like some sort of “unseen ghost” is moving it. Plus it makes sure you get the best gas mileage possible!

The Quirks and Cool of the BMW i8

  • The driver’s window doesn’t go all the way down.
  • About two inches of Window will still remain when you close the window of the BMW i8 so you can’t really can’t drive it with your elbow on the window rack because it’s too uncomfortable.
  •  The touch controller pad of the BMW i8 is in the center console. What this means, if you want to scroll around and click on stuff and so you can just write it and it appears on the screen. Cool!
  •  To get inside the BMW i8, owners say you’re supposed to sit down first then slide your legs and then close the door. Sounds easy, right? However there is no easy way to get in the back seats!
  • How do you get out of a BMW i8? There is no door handle instead you press a button and the door just opens up. Then the gauge cluster shows you a cool little picture to let you know that your door is open!
  • bmw auto parts dashboard

The backseats of the BMW i8

There is a second door opener in the rear half of the front door. This is probably for the rear passengers or in an emergency pattern.

Question: Can you drive around with the doors up? Answer: Yes you can.

Another cool thing is the channel between the USB port in the center console – a perfect place to store your cellphone. And here’s the really cool part it even works when the lids are closed!

automobile parts BMW

The gauge cluster has a full LCD screen. And when you are in sport mode, it gives you your rpms.

Move it over to comfort mode and the LCD screen gives you the percentage power that you’re using.

Change to “Eco Pro” and it limits your percentage power to just fifty percent so you get the best possible mileage.

What I love about the BMW i8

One thing I love about the BMW i8 is the electric hybrid motor. You can drive around and make absolutely no noise at all.  You have to admit it probably looks kind of funny to see a vehicle that looks as cool as this car, driving around with absolutely no noise coming out. It’s quieter than most golf carts! But wait, there’s something else about the BMW i8 that I consider a unique feature.

Sport Mode in the BMW i8

Driving in sport mode, you will hear all kinds of engine noise! The automobile sounds like it has a V8 engine! Of course it doesn’t have one so all that noise is fake! It’s piped into the speakers but it sounds great! This automobile is a little quicker than most of the three cylinder vehicles I have driven in the past. The ride is not bad or so rough as some vehicles in sport mode. Note: driving in sport mode means using mostly gas engine but also electric but the real key is sport mode charges the battery. the owner told me he’s only plugged in a few times because he drives in sport but something just charge it right up from that just kind of stand out i feel like i’m in the future.

The handling  of this automobile is nice and precise. It feels good. Comfort is amazing. I feel more than happy just to cruise around in at at normal speed. A lot of exotic cars (especially ones that look as good as this car) makes it seem like when you’re going slow – you can tell the BMW i8 wants to go faster.